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rumer willis
25 August 2009 @ 07:34 pm
PLEASE if you guys have time help me out here.
i've assembled all possible pictures to add to my portfolio as my friends just started up a photo agency and are looking for new photographers to join. my old portfolio is solid but hasn't been updated in a while so i need to try and throw at least 40 pictures together.

below each picture i'll have a number. if you like that photo can you PLEAAAASEE comment with the number? i know this is lame and selfish to ask and i'm sorry if you have dial-up but i would SO VERY MUCH appreciate any help guys. even if you just look at one batch.

tyvm fyt.

group one: CANDIDSCollapse )

group two: STILL LIFE & NATURECollapse )

group three: FILM & POLAROIDCollapse )

group four: MUSICCollapse )

gourpCollapse )

group six: EDITORIALSCollapse )

PLEAAAASE guys if you have a second just give me your thoughts on any of them. i will be forever in your debt. :(
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